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Earth Flags: Susan Lopatecki

The Earth Flag Concept

We think that you can fly your flags just about anywhere! Earth Flags are beautifully designed flags that will add charm to any space from the patio space to the garden and beyond.


What started as a seed thought years ago grew into the Earth Flags you see today. Inspired by the spirit of Tibetan Prayer Flags message of intent, Earth Flags are thoughfully designed with the environmant in mind, and will add a lovely message to remember and honour the source of our food, bring an awareness of growing, sharing and the environment.

Earth Flag Founders

Founded by textile design artist Susan Lopatecki in Summerland, British Columbia. With a passion for creating, designing and life, Susan works with Alyce Karr who creatively brings the designs together into the flags you see today. These two carrot munchers design and produce EarthFlags locally, ethically and responsibly!

History of the Tibetan Prayer Flag & Earth Flags

The history of the prayer flag dates back over a thousand years to the makers in Tibet. Prayer flags are squares of cloth hung as prayer offerings with the intention of positive, energized wishes going out to the world on the wind: Loving-Kindness, Peace, Compassion and Wisdom. Our flags are based on this ancient and wise design. We are celebrating the one who grows and the earth, encouraging awareness, teaching and sharing. 

Grow. Harvest. Share.

Made with love in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Designed to fade, fray and become one with the elements. These flags have been individually hand printed using non-toxic water-based ink on cotton and bamboo.

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